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Technology Solutions Glossary: Clarity for the Confusing Words

Unless you know every detail of every component and every program known to man, you probably don’t understand all of the thousands of words associated with technology. In fact, new programs, apps, and other technological advancements come about regularly, so even individuals who are thoroughly skilled in technological applications must educate themselves on a regular basis. However, it’s important to know some of the basic terminology, especially in relation to our work at Clarity Technologies, so we’re providing you with a technology solutions glossary of sorts.

To make it easy, we’re defining the phrases in the simplest of terms. Clearly, they’re much more complex than this, but this is a good basis for general understanding.

Clarity’s Technology Solutions Glossary


Bandwidth: The amount of data, or the range of frequencies, that can be passed along a communication channel


Cloud: A virtual system that stores and manages data and applications, such as videos, email, and software, allowing users to access their own information anywhere if they take advantage of its backup capabilities


Cookie: A text file created by a website that is stored on your computer to enable the computer to keep track of your preferences and the virtual places you’ve been


CRM: Customer Relationship Management, normally used in reference to a software program used to organize customers’ information, demographics, and buying habits


DSL: A Digital Subscriber Line used for bringing information to homes and small businesses over telephone landlines


Ethernet: A system that connects computer systems to form a local area network

Technology Solutions Glossary: A firewall blocks unauthorized access on your computer.

: The part of a computer system that blocks unauthorized access


HTML: Hypertext Markup Language used to create web pages


IDE: Integrated Development Environment, which is software that consolidates the tools developers need to create software


LAN: A Local Area Network usually confined to a small area, such as one office


LOS: Loan Origination Systems used in the mortgage industry


Malware: A general term used to describe software that is made to damage computer systems (viruses, trojans, worms, and spyware are types of malware)


MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switch, a technique for high-performance networks that simplifies the movement of data from one network to the next


Plugin: A software component that adds a specific feature to a customizable program


Server: A computer program that provides a service to another computer, or the computer itself that provides this service

: Software Defined Wide-Area Network used to connect offices and data centers located far apart from each other

Technology Solutions Glossary: VPLS stands for Virtual Private Local Area Network Service.
: Software Development Kit used by developers

VPLS: Virtual Private Local Area Network (LAN) Service that enables Ethernet-based communication between remote locations


VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables phone calls over the internet rather than a landline


Web Host: A business that houses internet websites

Ask Us to Clear Up the Rest


Clearly, our technology solutions glossary doesn’t even come close to defining all of the confusing words you may come across in the technology world. That’s why we’re here: to help you reinvent, organize, and protect your technological systems while explaining it all to you along the way.

If there’s anything specific you want to know, please feel free to reach out and ask us! We’re here to make it all clear to you.

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