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Infrastructure Solutions

Technology Infrastructure Solutions Right for You

Technology has come a long way in a few short years. What worked 10 or even five years ago is likely antiquated by today’s standards, and using outdated technology equals a waste of time, resources, and money.

We provide technology infrastructure solutions right for your unique needs, whether that means implementing new technology, eliminating outdated functions, or starting over from scratch. The best part is we do this from a compliance first approach. Every solution recommended is fully compliant helping you pass a regulator’s audit in flying colors.

Depending on your needs, our technology infrastructure solutions address connectivity, VoIP phone service, disaster recovery, secure file transfer, and service cost reduction issues.

Whether you need to update your phone system, add better mobile communication tools, or optimize your internet services for a branch, improving your technology infrastructure is the first step.
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Disaster Recovery
Ï A security breach or natural disaster can wreak havoc on your business, resulting in the loss of thousands if not millions of dollars. Being proactive by implementing the right technology solutions can save you from a disaster, but if a disaster does occur, the best technology consultants can help you recover faster and more completely with almost zero down time.
Secure File Transfer
Ï Multiple files metaphorically switch hands every second. Better technology systems can help you, your employees, and your clients communicate more efficiently and safely. This is a key compliance concern for most financial institutions. Let us show you how easy it is to secure your data as it flows in and out of your inbox.
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Service Cost Reduction
You likely have equipment and services that you no longer use but may be holding you back from working efficiently. Eliminating any antiquated technology tools will help you save time and money. An upgrade might even save you money. It’s not always apparent where you can make improvements, but a technology consultant can give you a fresh perspective. We are service and brand agnostic. We find the best solution to suit your needs and agressivley negotiate price reductions through carrier channel managers.
While our specialty is mortgage technology, we have assisted clients from different industries in setting up and optimizing their technology needs. Our mortgage technology consultants have decades of experience and are skilled in implementing and optimizing virtually all aspects of automated technology.
Contact us today to set up consultation, and we’ll help you identify the technology infrastructure solutions that are best for you.