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Customized Plugin Development: What It Is and What It Can Do For You

You may have heard the term “plugin” and didn’t really look further into it, thinking it’s just something that you can “plug into” your technology systems. In a sense, that’s true, but plugin development is so much more than you think.

Plugins extend far beyond Encompass and open doors for endless possibilities when it comes to applications. Customized plugins can literally transform your website from a static site to an interactive, comprehensive platform that can improve your internal processes and educate and assist your website visitors in so many ways.

Basic Plugins

Developed using languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plugins provide your websites with greater functionality.  There are tens of thousands of different types of plugins available, as well as a multitude of publishing platforms.

Following are some examples of commonly used plugins:

  • • Contact Form 7: Manages multiple contact forms
  • • Jetpack by Design, security, and marketing tools
  • • WooCommerce: E-Commerce resource for sales, payment, and shipping
  • • Google XML Sitemaps: Creates XML sitemaps with a focus on search engine optimization
  • • Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights: Allows you to connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics

Going Beyond the Basics with Customized Plugin Development

Customized plugin development can transform your website into an interactive platform to assist you and your customers.While many of the readily available plugins can be very useful, an experienced developer can create plugins from scratch to meet your specific needs in the mortgage technology industry.

You don’t want plugins that someone else used. You want to be able to stand out and be uniquely you with customized functionality. In addition to improved processes, customized plugin development can contribute to the success of your overall business due to a better customer experience. Your customers don’t want to be treated like anyone else. They want personalized service with a friendly vibe, and that’s what smart technology solutions can give them.

Unless you’re a developer familiar with all these languages and tools, however, you will need assistance to create and implement these technologies. In the end, you will find that these technology solutions can help you work more efficiently and productively, especially when it comes to the mortgage industry.

Just think about all the customized functionality you can create for your website. Off the bat for inspiration, consider these ideas:

  • • Providing website visitors with real-time information about fluctuating interest rates.
  • • Implementing an interactive center to teach users about the relationship between credit history and mortgages.
  • • Having a live representative communicate with visitors to your site.
  • • Being able to track the number of visitors to your site and determine how long they were on your site in order to better identify prospects.
  • • Improving the appearance of your online payment calculator.

Truly, the possibilities are endless. These days, if you can dream it, it’s probably possible.

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