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Technology is about so much more than your laptop computer or your cellphone. It’s also about your air conditioner, lights, refrigerator, TV, and many other appliances and tools you use every day in your home or place of business. If you’ve never really thought about how much technology and utility costs go hand in hand, consider the following ways modernizing technology can help you save money.

1. If you’re still using traditional incandescent lights, consider switching to LED lights. The benefits are twofold.

      • • The bulbs are more energy efficient. On the surface, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • • When you update your lighting system, there are many ways to incorporate other forms of technology in order to save additional money. For example, you can program lights to turn off at a certain time when you know no one will be in the building.

2. You can control your technology remotely, such as turning the temperature of the furnace down on a day when you know it’s warm out or switching off the lights if you left them on.

Modernizing technology can help you save on everyday costs by enabling you to make changes to your lighting, HVAC system, and more remotely.3. You can further monitor your security alarms and fire alarms. Installing digital cameras enables you to see movement in and around the building even if you’re thousands of miles away, and the alarm company can assist you faster.

4. You can combine various forms of communication technology in order to simplify how much each person needs. As long as they have cellphones, it’s no longer necessary for all employees to have traditional landline phones on their desks, for example, and you can also toss out that antique fax machine for good.

5. Advanced security for your technology network allows you to remain proactive in preventing cyber theft and online fraud. In the event your system is infiltrated, a modernized security system can help you recover more seamlessly. That could mean thousands or millions of dollars saved.

These are only a handful of the ways modernizing technology can help you save on everyday costs. As we always say, it all depends on how many people you work with, how you work, your clientele, how many locations you have, and so many other factors.

Although our primary focus is on mortgage technology and digital mortgages, we can help you identify ways to save on everyday utility costs and other technology-related expenses. We can also work with you or on your behalf to seek out the best providers for what your business needs. Contact us through our website or call us at (480) 418-3428 to learn more.


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In the mortgage industry, you do need some paper documents. There’s no doubt about that. But you can greatly reduce the need for paper documents by more comprehensively organizing mortgage files digitally. By thinking outside the box, you can complete many steps and interactions without using a single piece of paper.

Implementing customized mortgage technology solutions, especially within Ellie Mae’s Encompass, enables you to organize files as you see fit. As a result, you can create a more efficient, smarter, and environmentally friendly workplace.

The Heartbeat of the Paperless Environment: eFolder

The eFolder tool allows users to manage documents by stacking orders and groups. You can:

1. Send documents securely to borrowers and lenders.

2. Send disclosure packages to borrowers.

3. Send closing documents to real estate transaction companies, including documents related to title, escrow, and even legal transactions in some states.

4. Receive documents from the borrower, including a disclosure package or documentation needed to complete the transaction, such as pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements.

Additionally, the OCR document training tool can be leveraged to populate files that are received into their appropriate containers automatically.

Underwriting condition management also is optimized within the paperless environment. In Ellie’s Mae’s Encompass, an underwriter can create a condition and then add a document holder to the condition. When a user then uploads the appropriate documents, they can be immediately attached to that condition. As a result of this simplified process, all the relevant information is tied together so that no one has to click around to find what they need.

Additional Methods of Organizing Mortgage Technology Files Digitally

Organizing mortgage files digitally with the help of a technology consultant can reduce paper waste.By updating, modernizing, and improving your digital infrastructure and loan origination system, you can:

  • • Combine documents, which allows you to send them to clients or businesses in one file rather than multiple attachments.
  • • Eliminate duplicate documents that you don’t need.
  • • Generally organize your digital folders so that you can find what you want when you need it.
  • • Have a more fluid system for obtaining, processing, and filing closing documents, deeds, bills of sales, loan applications, and more as applicable.

How Organizing Mortgage Files Digitally can Help You Quit Old Habits

  • • Twenty-four trees are cut down to make one ton of paper.
  • • Fifty percent of business waste is composed of paper.
  • • Nationwide, offices use approximately 12 trillion sheets of paper a year.
  • • Approximately 25 percent of landfill waste consists of paper.

Yet …

  • • Recycling one ton of paper saves 26,000 liters of water, nearly 700 gallons of oil, and 17 trees.
  • • Just one tree produces enough oxygen for three people to breathe.

With today’s technology, you no longer need to press “Control P” at every step. Every time you can refer to digital documents only, you learn to rely on paper less and less. As a result, you can do your part to protect the environment while working smarter. You can also communicate faster, such as by using emails, texts, apps, or even good old phone calls more often.

Learning more efficient processes also allows you to work remotely more often from a variety of locations, which means you are more visible to potential homebuyers.

Of course, if you do work remotely often, you will need to better secure your systems, and that’s something else we can do for you.


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The right technological components within your mortgage loan origination system is about more than optimizing your own workflow. Better mortgage technology improves the borrower experience as well in many ways.

And when borrowers are satisfied with your customer service and the mortgage loan experience, it will improve your brand’s reputation overall. That’s what you’re aiming for, after all, and it all starts with having the best mortgage technology consultants in the Phoenix area to help you.

4 Ways Better Mortgage Technology Improves the Borrower Experience

1. Mortgages could possibly close faster than ever.

Including the pre-approval, appraisal, and closing, the typical mortgage process takes 30 to 60 days, and that’s if there are no glitches or extraordinary financial issues involved. Better mortgage technology can possibly cut down that time significantly as a result of better communication and smoother, more efficient digital processes.

2. Borrowers can obtain immediate answers with enhanced digital communication options.

Mortgage technology consultants can set up your systems in a manner that allows everyone to communicate 24/7 if that’s what you want. Your systems can be responsive and easy to use on any mobile device, allowing borrowers to contact you at any time of the day. Buying a house and borrowing such a large sum of money can make virtually anyone nervous, so your clients will feel better knowing that you’re there when they need you – even if it’s just for reinforcement that they’re making the right decision about their new home.

3. Borrowers will trust that they are getting the best financial arrangement.

With the most up-to-date loan origination systems, you can provide borrowers with the most ideal mortgage for their needs. When they see your modern systems, the fact that you are knowledgeable about current trends, and the fact that you are accessible to them, they’ll have greater confidence in the end result.

4. Better mortgage technology ensures compliance.

Policies and processes change often in the mortgage lending industry on local, state, and national levels. When you keep your LOS updated and also manually research changes in the industry, your borrowers will benefit through a solid, fully compliant financial arrangement.

Contact Our Mortgage Technology Consultants to Update Your Loan Origination Systems

These are only a few of the ways better mortgage technology improves the borrower experience. There are many more, but they depend on the borrower’s specific needs and your particular services.

The bottom line is that the better the experience is for each client, the more likely each is to refer you to family and friends or give you a positive review online. As a result, you can enjoy a stronger reputation that will help your mortgage lending business continue to grow.

To learn more about how improving your loan origination system can help both you and your clients, contact us through our Clarity Technologies website or by phone at (480) 418-3428.

Contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about this blog or for mortgage technology services.


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With Ellie Mae’s Oct. 22 announcement about its Encompass upgrade, you may be wondering what the changes mean for you. If not, you really should be. Being aware of the changes means being able to take advantage of all that Encompass has to offer.

Encompass Upgrade Highlights

Ellie Mae’s Encompass upgrade is expected to help mortgage lenders originate additional loans, lower origination costs, and shorten closing times as a result of efficiency, compliance, and quality.

The highlights of the upgrade include:

  • • Enhanced Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) support
  • • The release of Encompass Dynamic Data Management
  • • Mortgage insurance support for the Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan™ Program

Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae, said the changes can help mortgage lenders operate more efficiently by using Encompass Dynamic Data Management, achieve complete compliance, and have a more streamlined mortgage process with centralized service ordering. 

What It Means to You

If your loan origination system hasn’t been analyzed in a while, these Encompass enhancements could be the push you need to update your system. If you are working with outdated systems, using tools you don’t need, using the wrong tools, or overlooking the right mortgage lending solutions, you could be losing time and money.

It may be difficult, however, to determine on your own what you should change. While this Encompass upgrade is especially significant due to the release of the Encompass Dynamic Data Management program, changes and modifications occur regularly at Ellie Mae. As a mortgage lender, it’s important for you to keep up with them to ensure compliance, more efficiency, and better customer service.

That’s why we’re here. As an Ellie Mae partner, Clarity Technologies can analyze your mortgage technology systems to provide you with recommendations and customized technology solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us today, and we’ll tell you much more about Ellie Mae’s latest upgrade and how we can help you make it work to your advantage.

Contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about Ellie Mae's Encompass upgrade or for mortgage technology services.


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Have you had a recent health check? We’re not talking about your own health, but that of your mortgage technology.

No? Well, if you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to help. We have extensive experience building change within technology processes and the Ellie Mae Encompass system. Together, we’ll decide what’s best for the future health of your loan origination systems.

What to Expect from Your Examination

If you use an Ellie Mae Encompass system, are you using it to its fullest potential? To find out, contact one of our mortgage technology consultants in Scottsdale, Arizona.When you contact us to evaluate your loan origination systems, you can expect us to complete a thorough examination of the tools you use every day in order to determine where you can work more efficiently and save money. This includes your phone systems, internet connectivity, disaster recovery programs, electricity, training programs, and plugins and integrations.

Through the Ellie Mae Encompass lending platform, you can originate more loans, reduce loan processing times, and make smarter business decisions overall. But you can only do this if you use the right tools for your own business, not the tools you think you need to use.

And that’s why we’re here. We can help you identify what’s working within your Ellie Mae Encompass system and what could be improved or eliminated to save you time and money.

Following are some of the questions we might consider, or that you might ask yourself, in order to determine the best steps for you to take.

1.  Are you engaging a good number of consumers? If not, what tools do you need to attract more potential borrowers?

2.  Are borrowers getting into their homes as quickly as possible, or do you regularly face stumbling blocks? If it’s the latter, why do those obstacles keep getting in the way?

3.  Do you regularly track your ROI through digital systems?

4.  Can coworkers, managers, customers, and vendors communicate effectively internally, regardless of the type of digital device they are using or where they are working?

5.  Do you offer interactive tools that provide consumers with the guidance they need to make informed decisions

6.  Are you certain you are compliant with all applicable laws and local ordinances?

7.  Can you transfer and access digital documents with ease, both within the same building and remotely?

8.  Are your mortgage technology systems thoroughly protected from malware and other potential security threats?

These are only some of the many issues that mortgage lenders face, and having a fresh perspective from an outside mortgage technology consultant enables lenders to see the problems and solutions more clearly.

Contact Us for Help Evaluating Your Ellie Mae Encompass System

As an Ellie Mae partner, we can help you make the best changes to give you immediate return on your investment. By exploring your loan origination systems, we can help you improve your overall procedures and communication strategies, thereby eliminating wasted time, money, and efforts.

Contact us through our Clarity Technologies website for additional information or to schedule an appointment for your Ellie Mae Health Check.

Contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about this blog or for mortgage technology services.


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When it comes to mortgage technology, it’s not so easy to determine what you need and what you don’t need. Unfortunately, many mortgage providers who use Ellie Mae’s Encompass find themselves plugging in tools they don’t need, while overlooking the ones they do. If that’s you, you need a mortgage technology consultant to point you in the right direction in order to ensure that you are using Encompass as effectively as possible.

Using Encompass Effectively

Are you using Encompass effectively?
Approximately 40 percent of all mortgage providers in the United States use Encompass, but many of them are falling short when it comes to the best ways to use it.

Because Encompass is such a highly customizable tool, it can be easy to misuse it. Some people see these customizable options and attempt to utilize them without fully understanding their purpose or the right ways to implement them. Users can therefore get themselves into some traps through bad designs and bad practices, creating inefficiencies that can lead to complications and disorganization.

Mortgage providers who do have a solid environment in Encompass, on the other hand, clearly spent a lot of time researching their options. As a result, they are better able to use Encompass to reinforce or enhance their work flow as effectively as possible.

How a Mortgage Technology Consultant can Help

A knowledgeable mortgage technology consultant can thoroughly explore your technology needs in order to bring you back into best practices. The consultant can help you eliminate unnecessary steps and tools and incorporate more effective technology solutions.

Another important reason to ask for help is because mortgage providers must be careful about what types of tools they decide to use. The best mortgage technology consultants stay on top of what’s going on in the mortgage technology world, so they can help users avoid installing tools or customized solutions that may become defunct within a couple of years, resulting in an incredible waste of money and resources.

To learn more about how to use Encompass as effectively as possible, contact us through our Clarity Technologies website or by phone at (480) 418-3428. We can help you pinpoint what you need and what you don’t, helping you improve processes while eliminating wasted time.

Contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about this blog or for mortgage technology services.


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You may think advanced mortgage technology is all about internal processes that help you work faster and more efficiently. While it very much does accomplish that, the truth is that better mortgage technology protects your customers as well.

It’s important to not only improve your technology, but also stay on top of the latest developments, especially when it comes to digital security.

How Implementing Better Mortgage Technology will Protect Your Customers

We don’t have to tell you. You know that when you work in the mortgage field, you essentially have almost all of the significant financial details of customers’ lives in your hands, at times literally. You know how much money they have in the bank, their credit scores, their financial history, how much their new house costs, how much they will pay for their mortgage every month, the name of their lawyer, the name of their real estate agent, and more. It’s of utmost importance that that information stays in your hands and that no one outside of your agency can access it.

Implementing better mortgage technology not only helps you, but protects your customers as well.
If you already have good technology security systems in place, implementing even better mortgage technology will give you and your clients that additional peace of mind. Keep this in mind: new malware is developed daily, so what worked yesterday to protect your customers’ information might not work as well today.

In addition to protecting consumers’ private information, better mortgage technology will ensure that you are able to track where homebuyers are in their customer journeys. It will help you avoid inconveniencing customers with poorly timed or inappropriate communications.

Best of all, better mortgage technology will help you do your job better. If you can process mortgage details with greater speed and accuracy and more timely information, you can ensure a more ideal financial arrangement for your customers . Essentially, better systems for you means better options for your clients, and when it comes to their finances, they’ll appreciate that you have their back.

Contact Us to Learn More

Each mortgage agency and each industry in general requires different types of technology programs and components. The best solutions for you depend on a variety of factors, including how many buildings your company uses, how many employees you have, if some employees routinely work remotely, if devices like tablets are used often, and so on.

For more specific information about how Clarity Technologies can help you improve your mortgage technology systems, contact us through our website or call us at (480) 418-3428.

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If you think you don’t need to improve your mortgage technology security because it was up to par yesterday, you might want to think about a few things.

  • • Approximately 1 million new malware threats are released per day.
  • • 60% of small businesses get hacked every year.
  • • A report by Symantec showed that online thieves are working faster than companies can protect themselves.

All of that means that if you were safe yesterday, you might not be today. Your mortgage technology should be protected every second of every day.

Why You Should Work on Improving Technological Security

Improve Your Mortgage Technology SecurityIt’s clear to see all the benefits of improving the security of your technological devices, and it’s about much more than just avoiding temporary inconveniences.

1. Cyberthreats can be financially devastating to your business. Depending on the severity of the damage and the size of your business, repairing the issues and then finding a way to prevent them from happening again could cost you well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Lost productivity will also impact your profits.

2. You hold consumers’ private information at your fingertips. So it’s not only about you. You have a responsibility to protect your clients as well.

3. A hack could ruin your clients’ faith in you. Most people understand how clever internet thieves are, but others don’t. One way to combat this, of course, is to reassure customers that you work with one of the best technology security companies around and therefore are doing all you can to continue to protect them.

4. Your competitors could get ahead, if only for a few weeks. But a few weeks is too much, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses. You don’t want your customers to discover a different brand that can provide them with similar services, as they might never come back to you. Along those lines, a variety of online tools – both legal and illegal – can help your competitors see things you don’t want them to when it comes to your business.

5. A security breach is extremely stressful. If you’re the owner or manager of a business, you want the peace of mind of knowing your mortgage technology, your financial records, your personal information, your employees’ personal information, and your customers’ records are safe and secure. If they are not, by the way, you better believe that your employees and clients will feel the burden as well.

Contact Clarity Technologies to Improve Your Mortgage Technology Security

All that being said, the bottom line is that new threats are discovered every single day, so you have to stay on top of it to make sure your business is secure.

If you’re still relying on yesterday’s security systems, contact us through our website or by phone at (480) 418-3428, and we’ll make you see how much better your mortgage technology security can be.

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A natural or man-made disaster could be devastating to your business, especially if you’re caught blindsided. Most people take advantage of basic virus protection, but so much more can happen that would render your technological equipment useless, or worse – endanger you, your employees, and your customers. Creating and following thorough disaster recovery protocols can help you minimize downtime and data loss and ensure that your business will prevail despite the greatest challenges.

Now that’s what we call smart business.

Smooth and Efficient Disaster Recovery

Do you remember the great blackout of 2003 that left all of the northeastern and midwestern United States without power? This is one of the greatest examples we can think of to stress the importance of being prepared ahead of time, knowing what to do when disaster strikes, and having strong and reliable disaster recovery systems in place.

The companies affected by the blackout most likely had preventive measures, but they still had to work together to keep the integrity of their businesses intact during and after the disaster. Even the blackout didn’t harm the strongest businesses as much as it could have. News agencies still printed newspapers. Emergency services were still available. Hospitals still cared for their patients. Although the power was out, time did not stop.

The blackout may have been trying while the lights were out, but we all recovered quickly afterward.

Disaster recovery preparedness is vital to your business.Now, when we talk about disaster recovery, we’re mostly referring to technology. But it’s important to factor in the basics, like having working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, an emergency evacuation plan, and security alarms to prevent the physical theft of your property. In addition to ensuring the safety of everyone involved, being prepared with such security would help to prevent snowball effects that would be detrimental to your business. Fire prevention is required by your local fire department as well, so it’s important to regularly review your systems to make sure they’re up-to-date.

Being Prepared

When it comes to technological security, creating a disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive procedure that requires the assistance of everyone involved.

The steps you should take before, during, and after a disaster depend on a variety of factors, which is why you should create a plan of action for each type of security threat, be it a physical threat or an internet security disaster. Consider every possible scenario that could endanger people or property. Then work together to come up with a safe, smooth, and efficient way to prevent each one from happening – and a plan of action if it does.

Practice these techniques if possible. As you’re doing so, pay attention to any details that you may have missed and then incorporate them into your overall plan.

Create a document that details all of your research, prevention methods, and recovery techniques. Make sure all members of your management team and your employees have access to the document and understand it, and set up employee training sessions to make sure that they do. The plan should be printed on paper as well as accessible on computer, and it should include the names and phone numbers of all IT staff members and the technology solutions company you work with, as well as emergency evacuation procedures. Make sure your plan includes disaster recovery processes for your technology, such as how to implement backup systems.

Bringing It Together

We can’t stress how important it is to have these plans in place in the event of a disaster. Being prepared provides added peace of mind, minimizes chaos during the disaster, ensures the reliability of backup systems, sets standards and processes, reduces the possibility of lawsuits and injuries, and improves overall organization.

When a disaster strikes, you can’t go through it haphazardly. You need to know what to do and how to do it. That’s why it’s important to have a level-headed, experienced outside consultant who knows what’s best for your business. The technology consultant can:

  • • Explore the overall quality of your systems.
  • • Tell you what you need.
  • • Secure your systems.
  • • Assist you in preparing and practicing your technological disaster recovery techniques.
  • • Help you recover after the disaster.

For more technical details about disaster recovery procedures for your specific business, call us at (480) 418-3428 or contact us through our Clarity Technologies website.

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